Survey question guide

Basic survey elements

Every survey has three integral elements, each of which must exist:

  • A survey name
  • At least one group
  • At least one question

Optional elements to a survey include:

  • Applicable answers to each question
  • Modifiable labels (known as label sets)
  • Conditions that determine whether a question should be asked

Survey name

The survey name provides the unique title to a survey and becomes the handle to access various option settings that apply to the survey as a whole. Settings such as the welcome message on the opening screen, the description of the survey, contact information for the survey administrator, and what format the questions are to be asked.

Question Groups

A survey requires each question to be a member of a group (and only that group). Depending on the number of questions in the survey, Groups can be used to define logical sections, common subject themes, or possibly pages on the screen. A group can have questions about a similar subject or simply be set up as a manageable number of questions.

A question group has a title and an optional description. You must have at least one group in each survey, even if you do not wish to divide the survey into multiple groups.


Questions are the core of your survey. There is no real limit to the number of questions you can have in your survey or in a group. Questions include the actual question text as well as settings that determine what form of answer you will accept. You can also specify a short ‘help’ explanation for each question and determine whether the question is mandatory (that is, must be answered) or optional. For more details check the question types section.


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