Next steps…

Begin by drawing up a list of questions which you want to ask.

Creating a THIS questionnaire is easy, just email us with your list of questions. Before you send it, however, you must carefully consider the wording of the questions, the answers and the order in which you will require them to be asked.  Alongside each question make a note of the answer options you think would be appropriate.  There’s a handy guide to question types here.  If you don’t want the hassle of dealing with this, just send the questions and answers and we’ll sort it out for you.  Of course, you’ll have a chance to look over our suggestions before the survey goes ‘live’.

Once your  questions and answers are agreed you will be sent, by email, a copy of the printable, paper-based questionnaire and a new URL link to your online questionnaire.  As soon as you insert the link on your web site or include it in an email to residents, the survey will become live and able to collect information from respondents.  The paper-based version may be distributed by email for respondents to print out and return to you or for you to post or distribute in newspapers or magazines – or possibly by placing them in local shops and businesses.

Do remember though that you are primarily engaging an an online survey so any responses received on paper copies will not be included in the online analysis unless you manually enter them into the database (online).



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