We believe that you need to know exactly what you will get.

We charge a one time flat fee of £350 for each survey.  There are no additional costs for setting up the survey and collecting the data.  In return we will work with you to:

  • develop your questions and ensure that they are suitable for the survey tools
  • upload your questions
  • configure the survey tools
  • provide you with a unique link for your web site and emails to promote the survey
  • make any minor adjustments to the survey before it goes ‘live’

For the duration of your survey, you will be responsible for promoting it to your residents and once the survey has run for an appropriate length of time we will help you access the data for analysis.

We will provide you with some basic analysis of the collected data, but expect that you will make your own detailed analysis of the data from the survey.  We can offer to analyse and interpret your data and produce a report for you, but this would form the basis of a separate contract and have associated costs which we would negotiate with you.

During the survey you will be able to access the data to see up-to-date responses.  We will continue to hold your data for six months after the closure of the survey.

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