Privacy Policy

Information we collect about you (the client) 

In order to provide a service to you we may collect a username and email address which we will use to a) give you access to the survey information in a protected area of the database and b) to contact you with regard to the administration of the survey.

Information we collect on your behalf during a survey

All the information from respondents collected by THIS surveys is anonymous.  Our policy is not to collect any personal data with the exception of email addresses when we are asked to do so.  Email addresses from respondents will never be linked with data that could identify any individual.  Information about age and gender will only be used for purposes of analysis and will not be used for any other purpose or passed to any other individual or organisation.  We will not, under any circumstances, attempt to use any of the collected information to identify any individual.

You may ask us to collect personal information about individuals who take  part in a survey.  We will not store this information in our database but will pass it directly to you.  Once we have transmitted this information to you, it will be your responsibility.


Our contract will be with you (the Client).  Any information collected on your behalf as part of a survey will never be disclosed to any other organisation unless we are instructed to do so by law.


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