Case Study

We recently completed a wellbeing survey for Central Tynedale Community Forum.  The survey comprised some 36 questions in 3 groups and was completed by over 400 respondents in the Tynedale area.

The survey asked

  • “Does living in Hexham and the surrounding area contribute to your overall sense of well-being?”
  • “Are you happy living here?”
  • “What makes it good?”
  • “What do you think could be improved?”

The survey was designed as a simple tool to collect the views of local people on issues affecting lives in the community.

CTCF (Central Tynedale Community Forum) is a group of local volunteers who work in partnership with town and parish councils to give a clear voice to people on local issues affecting everyone.

Philip Clark, CTCF Chair says “Government is changing!  In future we will have to take more control of affairs in our locality – a challenge and an opportunity. We will have to be well prepared and able to act together to make it work. As a first step, we all need to know what works well and what changes people might like to see. What will improve your sense of well-being? We need everybody’s view.”

The survey was undertaken between May 14th and May 31st.  Raw data from the survey has been available since the survey was completed and the analysis and interpretation of the findings will be ready later in the summer of 2011.

Screenshots of a selection of survey questions and the summary of some of the data

Data collection

Collection of data from respondents (gender, age group, locality)


Data collection

Sample question about the community

Data analysis

Summary data and chart of age group information


Data analysis

Summary data and chart of gender information


Data collection

Responses to "Please tell us which community you live in?"

Data analysis

Summary data and chart of responses to "do you feel safe in your community?"

Data analysis

Summary data and chart of responses to "do you feel part of a lively community?"

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