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TalkingHat Information Surveys

TalkingHat Information Surveys (THIS) is an easy-to-use service that allows you to develop, deploy, and analyse surveys via the Web. There are no complicated set-up processes and no technical knowledge is required.

A web based survey is an easy and comprehensive way to get feedback that you can really use to understand the way your residents and customers feel about the services you provide.  Using THIS, our sophisticated survey software, you’ll be well on your way with questions tailored to helping you learn from your residents.

Get the views of local people

We know you need to engage with residents – it’s an increasingly vital part of every town and parish councils’ work and that of much of the not-for-profit sector too.  Since 2005 we’ve been working with charities, local authorities and town and parish councils to develop web sites that provide a vibrant and up to date link between council and resident.  You need to know the opinions, likes and dislikes of all residents and they need to know that you are asking the right questions.  Taking each and every one of them out for lunch is just not feasible. Luckily, there are easier and more effective ways to really get to know how your customers feel, THIS allows you to create, run & analyse surveys via the Web without any technical knowledge.


For each question you can select from over a dozen question/answer types (multiple choice, rating scales, free text, drop-down menus, and more…).  Simply send us your list of questions which we will upload to the server, creating a powerful, comprehensive web-based survey for you to promote to your residents.

The survey is housed on external servers so there are no additional loads on your web site.

Completing the survey is easy.  We will give you a unique link to add to your web site or to include in emails and printed materials.  Your survey respondents simply click on the link and are taken directly to the first page of the survey.  Of course, how long it takes to complete the survey depends entirely on how many questions there are (and how hard they are!).

You can decide how long the survey is open for and once you are happy that there are sufficient responses you’ll be able to view the overall results in clear colourful charts, and drill down to view individual responses.  We will provide you with some online tools to help you analyse the data and if you need to make a greater in-depth exploration and interpretation of the answers you will be able to export the data into a spreadsheet or, for the more technically minded, an SPSS file. You can also export your results to a Word document or PDF file to share your results with others.

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